Don't delay - be collaborative!

Since the Family Court regional centers were rolled out in April 2015 many people have experienced intolerable delays in processing their financial claims. In some instances the delay has been 3 to 4 months, which means that people who want to find a resolution to their problems having to wait this length of time before they can even start to resolve matters. There are far better options.

Death and Divorce...and Taxes

A divorce is never going to be a pleasant experience. It can be significantly less unpleasant if the parties are sensible and approach issues constructively, but if one of the parties dies then that invariably adds yet another layer of complexity. Sadly, it does happen and the law, and the effect of death on divorce, is not straightforward, or necessarily fair.

Building Resilience

A breakup or significant change in family life can be really tough, which is why the Group values our family consultants, who can help through such difficult times. Ruth Paris, one of the family consultants, has provided some thoughts and tips to assist.

Family Dispute Resolution Week 2014

Members of The Collaborative Family Law Group took part as guests of Barclays Bank in Farnham during National Family Dispute Resolution Week this year, to raise the profile of alternatives to court for separating and divorcing couples.  The initiative, launched by national family law association, Resolution, aims to raise awareness of non-confrontational methods of resolving family breakdown, such as mediation, collaborative law and arbitration. For more information visit