Don't delay - be collaborative!


by Sandra Meakins


Since the Family Court regional centers were rolled out in April 2015 many people have experienced intolerable delays in processing their financial claims. In some instances the delay has been 3 to 4 months, which means that people who want to find a resolution to their problems having to wait this length of time before even a timetable is given by the court for disclosure.

Now is the time to consider, more than ever, using the Collaborative law process which is more efficient and enables parties and their lawyers to meet to discuss and resolve outstanding financial and other issues. Arbitration should also be considered as an alternative to court. Although the cost of the Arbitrator needs to be paid, the speed and effective resolution of matters, with an Arbitrator taking the final decision and making an award can save many months of agonizing uncertainty.

Sandra Meakins commented “Our collaboratively trained family lawyers and arbitrators are first class and can help people bring about finality and certainty in matters arising following the breakdown of a relationship. People need not suffer further in having to wait an unreasonably long time for the court to deal with their cases”