No time limit for bringing a financial claim after divorce

The Supreme Court has ruled that there is no time limit to a person being able to make financial claims against their former spouse following a divorce.  

The case of Vince and Wyatt involved a former new age traveller, who later became a multi-millionaire.  At the time of the divorce both Mr Vince and Miss Wyatt were penniless.  She did not bring any claims at the time of the divorce, brought up their son and  had further children by another man.  She has eventually succeeded in persuading the highest court in the land that she has the right to argue her claims.  The Court of Appeal had earlier struck out her claim because of the delay but the Supreme Court has said that this was the wrong approach and she should be able to make the claim.  Whether she succeeds, and how much, if anything, she receives, remains to be seen.

Sandra Meakins comments “Although the facts of the case are unusual, it is a reminder that people should try to resolve their financial claims, whatever they might be, at the time of the divorce.  This need not be done through the court and other forms of non confrontational dispute resolution can be used, such as mediation and collaborative law.”